Why Live Below the Line?

3 February 2015

Malaria Deaths Halved Since 2000!

10 December 2014

New Report Reveals Staggering Reductions in Malaria Deaths

9 December 2014

2014: What a Difference a Year Makes!

2 December 2014

Queen Concerned Ebola Shouldn’t Detract From Malaria

19 November 2014

Best of British: Irrefutable Reasons to be Proud of UK Aid

11 November 2014

Deutsche Bank Go All The Way To Tanzania To Complete Their #MilesforMalaria

4 November 2014

Solve for M: 5 Key Challenges To Ending Malaria

16 October 2014

Parliamentary Report Praises UK Leadership But Raises Concerns About Risk of Malaria Resurgence

13 October 2014

What a difference a day makes!

8 October 2014

#MozzyMyths to mark #WorldMosquitoDay

20 August 2014

Out of Collaborative Leadership Comes Innovation – How We Will Beat Malaria

11 July 2014

Deutsche Bank bites back at Malaria at Charity Food Fair in Nigeria!

30 June 2014

Fever-Tree Summer Pop-Up Raising Funds To Tackle Malaria

23 June 2014

Five Year Old Eben Takes on a 4K BMX Challenge To Make Malaria No More

4 May 2014

Living Below The Line 2014 Has Begun!

29 April 2014

We Can Be The Generation To End Malaria Deaths

25 April 2014

World Malaria Day – Seeking Your Ideas

24 April 2014

Arlene Phillips and team to Live Below the Line to help make malaria no more

21 April 2014

Getting Malaria? Our World Health Day event inspiring action to make malaria no more

8 April 2014

A month of action around World Malaria Day

31 March 2014

Four Patrons announced for Malaria No More UK

17 March 2014

Over 100 musicians unite to support the end of extreme poverty

12 March 2014

WANTED: Prize donations

11 February 2014

UK’s first Malaria Pop-up Shop to open in London!

7 February 2014

Your personal challenges have helped make the difference in 2013

13 December 2013

Momentous malaria results announced: child death rates halved and 3.3 million lives saved

11 December 2013

Congratulations to Kian Egan – King of the I’m A Celeb Jungle 2013!

10 December 2013

Brave Sonya shaves head for malaria

6 December 2013

Record pledges announced for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

4 December 2013

Canada & the EU join the US & UK with life saving pledges

3 December 2013

Fans download Neil Gaiman’s Lost Tales to help fight malaria

13 November 2013

Global Fund to bulk buy mosquito nets to save lives and money

8 November 2013

Reflections on the history of MIM and the progress made against malaria

14 October 2013

Deutsche Bank: A Q&A with our Fundraising Manager

11 October 2013

We've teamed up with Panadol to help make malaria 'no more'

1 April 2013

Journey of a Bracelet

17 December 2012

Take A Swipe At Malaria

1 September 2011

Stephen Webster’s malaria no more locket launches with the support of Tess Daly, Yasmin and Amber Le Bon, Olivia Palermo and Annabelle Wallis

1 November 2010

Yvonne Chaka Chaka in London to raise awareness of Africa’s vulnerable communities

15 September 2010

Svetlana Kuznetsova Vs Mozzy Man!

23 June 2010

Markus Lupfer designs ‘Malaria No More’ net inspired dress exclusively for ASOS

16 June 2010

Celebrities skydive for Malaria No More UK

8 April 2010

Victoria Beckham reveals Webster’s mosquito ring

21 September 2009