Jack Wills

Fashion making malaria no more.

British fashion brand Jack Wills has been partnering with Malaria No More UK since 2011, uniting staff and customers behind the goal to end malaria deaths. During this time, Jack Wills has been part of a movement that has seen child deaths from malaria drop by 65% since 2000. They have raised a tremendous £250,000 to help bring forward the day that we can make malaria no more.

“Jack Wills is excited to be part of such a positive and proactive charity. We are inspired by the determined and adventurous spirit of Malaria No More UK, a quality that we as a brand recognise in many of our customers, and look forward to raising further funds for this worthy cause.” Co-founder and CEO, Jack Wills, Peter Williams

Relate Trust workers make the Jack Wills Malaria No More bracelet

The Jack Wills Malaria No More bracelets are made in South Africa by the Relate Trust, giving township dwellers an essential source of income