Big Bug Bake

Hold a cake sale with a difference to make malaria no more

We would love you to help us rid the world of malaria by holding a cake sale with a difference.  Bugs like mosquitos transmit all sorts if deadly diseases, including malaria, the deadliest of them all, and this is a great way to fight back!

Who can resist a table full of gloriously delicious cakes?  Simple and easy, your Big Bug Bake can take place anytime and you can make anything from bug shaped cakes to sell colleagues to edible-bug (available from on-line retailers) cupcakes for an afternoon tea with a twist. 

Top tips to make your Big Bug Bake a success:

Location, Location, Location - Think about the best place to sell your bake that will have the most people going past.  For example, if you are doing your Big Bug Bake at work, set it up outside the canteen at lunch time.

In it together - Get family and friends involved by asking them to bake and make sure you let people know well in advance when your Big Bug Bake will take place.

“Get your tickets here” - A fun and easy way to increase the money you raise is to ask local businesses to donate prizes, then sell raffle tickets at your Big Bug Bake.

Bring in the dough - Keep a donation jar on the table for all that spare change!

Add some fizz - If you have enough help, why not sell drinks too?

Spread the word - Tell people what you are doing across social media. Make sure you include @malarianomoreuk in tweets