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The Global Fund needs to raise $14 billion

The Global Fund needs to raise $14 billion

The health community’s plans for 2030 are ambitious but realistic: we want to rid the world from malaria, HIV and TB. After years of admirable progress against these endemic diseases, new threats have pushed us off track, but we won’t let malaria, HIV or TB gain any more ground. We need to act now.

The Global Fund plays a key role in achieving our target and according to its latest report, we need to raise at least $14 billion in the upcoming Global Fund Sixth Replenishment in October 2019.

We need to step up the fight to protect and build on the gains we have made, or we will see those achievements eroded... If we step up the fight now, we will save millions more lives.

Peter Sands, Global Fund Executive Director

The $14 billion investment would reduce the death toll saving over 16 million lives, and averting 234 million cases or infections between 2021 and 2023. Read more on the Global Fund's target here.