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Hold a G&T Party to End Malaria 22nd April – 31st May

Hold a G&T Party to End Malaria 22nd April – 31st May

This spring we invite you to help end history’s greatest killer disease by holding a G&T Party with family and friends.

As the evenings grow lighter, it’s the ideal opportunity to come together and share a drink that has its origins in the centuries old fight against malaria, while raising money that will help achieve a malaria free world.

What’s so special about a G&T

Did you know that the classic gin and tonic has its origins in the quest to protect lives from malaria? In the 19th Century British soldiers in India were given quinine to ward off malaria. Eventually they began mixing the bitter quinine with water, sugar and their gin ration to make it more palatable. And so, the gin and tonic was born!

How can I get involved?

  • Set a date – We recommend you hold your G&T event during Fever-Tree’s Raise Your Glass – Erase Malaria campaign 22nd April – 31st May (more below).
  • Decide your venue and guest list – whether you’re bringing together work colleagues, family or friends, make sure you’ve checked any restrictions about serving alcohol. 
  • Set a fundraising goal! – decide how you want to raise funds. There are regulations around selling alcohol, so we suggest you stick to raising money by selling cakes, holding a small raffle at the event, or asking for donations.  You can download our fundraising toolkit here.
  • Let us know – we’d love to hear about your event. Contact
  • Stay safe – if you’re serving alcohol please drink responsibly and keep your event to over 18s only, be mindful that many workplaces have restrictions about alcohol.  We can help with “mocktail” recipes and there are also a number of “alcohol free spirits” in the marketplace that you could enjoy with your tonic.
  • Send what you’ve raised – Once you have held your party you can send us the money you’ve raised to help end malaria through our donate page –

Raise Your Glass and Raise More Money!

Between 22nd April and 31st May, Malaria No More UK’s long-term partner Fever-Tree are asking you to Raise Your Glass to help end malaria. For every glass raised on Instagram or Twitter tagging @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie, Fever-Tree will donate £5 to our work.

Please, get involved at your G&T Party and help raise even more money to end malaria for good!