Fever-Tree #MixingOneMillion Gin and Tonics for World Malaria Day

Fever-Tree #MixingOneMillion Gin and Tonics for World Malaria Day

19 April 2017

To coincide with World Malaria Day on 25th April 2017, Fever-Tree is aiming to mix one million gin and tonics globally, committing to donate 20p from each drink to Malaria No More UK. 

Fever-Tree bottles

In recognition of the day that shines a spotlight on the global effort to defeat malaria, Fever-Tree will be raising awareness with the return of Malaria No More UK branded neck labels on bottles from April. The #MixingOneMillion campaign will also feature Fever-Tree digital take-overs around the world, teaming up with spirit and on-trade partners to amplify the message.

The gin and tonic has a long history in the fight against malaria; and since 2013 Fever-Tree and Malaria No More UK have been working together to fight this preventable and treatable disease. Quinine, which comes from the cinchona tree, or ‘fever tree’ as it is colloquially known, is tonic water’s primary ingredient, and has an important role in the history of malaria treatment. Soldiers in the 19th Century were given a daily dose of quinine to help ward off malaria, which they would mix with their gin ration to make it more palatable – hence the gin and tonic was born.

“Fighting malaria is a cause we feel particularly passionate about as the discovery of the anti-malarial properties of quinine, one of the key ingredients in our tonic waters, was one of the most significant in medical history. Many of the communities where we source our ingredients experience the devastating effects of malaria so we are pleased to be supporting Malaria No More UK as it continues to fight, treat and prevent this disease.” Tim Warrillow, Fever-Tree Co-Founder.

Around half of the world’s population is impacted by malaria, and it is thought to have killed more people than any other disease in history. Still a major killer that claims the life of a child every two minutes, the disease impacts on many of the communities where Fever-Tree sources the natural ingredients used in its drinks; The Democratic Republic of Congo, where Fever-Tree source the quinine for its tonic waters, and Nigeria where Fever-Tree source some of its ginger, are two of the countries that suffer the highest death rates from malaria.


Fever-Tree gin and tonic

James Whiting, Executive Director of Malaria No More UK, said:

“We are thrilled to be launching this exciting campaign with Fever-Tree to mark World Malaria Day 2017. I truly believe that it is through creating strong partnerships with the business sector, amongst others, that we will be able to achieve a generation-defining moment by ending malaria for good.” 

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