Namibia has had a dramatic 95% drop in malaria deaths over the last decade.

Malaria in Namibia

Namibia is a large, sparsely populated country on the edge of the malaria “map” in southern Africa with two thirds of the population at risk from the disease, and most cases occurring in the north of the country. But having made malaria control a major health priority, Namibia is making significant progress against the disease.

In 2009, Namibia joined with four neighbouring countries in southern Africa to announce the shared goal of eliminating malaria, with Namibia aiming to become malaria free by 2020. We are working with our partners in Namibia to help achieve this goal.

Programme Namibia Malaria No More UK

Our support in Namibia

Building on our support of previous projects in Northern Namibia working towards the goal of malaria elimination, we are currently helping to take malaria diagnosis and treatment to community level to find more of the hidden cases, essential if Namibia is to succeed in its ambition to become malaria free.

That’s why we are supporting the training of some 480 new Community Health Workers (CHW) to accurately diagnose and treat malaria in people’s homes and communities - rather than waiting for people to come to health centres – and ensure these volunteers get to where they are most needed, the malaria “hotspots” in Namibia.

Another essential part of the country’s efforts to eliminate malaria is better collection of data on malaria interventions and cases which will mean quicker identification and response to malaria outbreaks. Our support of a pilot new rapid data collection system amongst CHWs is aimed at significantly increasing the reach of current surveillance efforts, and integrating these nationwide.

This project builds on our previous work that included getting lifesaving mosquito nets distributed and malaria education programmes to help protect to some of the country’s most vulnerable people – namely young children and people living with HIV – living in hard-to-reach, rural locations. Local volunteers have helped to deliver donated nets along with vital information on their care and use.  

Our partners in Namibia

Our work in Namibia has been made possible through partnerships with Namibia’s Ministry of Health, the International Federation of the Red Cross, Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Anglican AIDS Programme.