Rashida Seidu

After seeing the devastating effects of malaria first hand, Rashida signed up as a volunteer to protect others from the diesease

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep is something we all enjoy. And thanks to a mosquito net programme supported by Malaria No More UK, 22 year old Rashida says she and her family now have peace of mind when they sleep at night knowing they are better protected from malaria.

Rashida Seidu Malaria No More UK

Living in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, Rashida, who hopes to train as a teacher, had seen her mother suffer badly from malaria. So when she heard about the net distribution campaign, and that they needed volunteers, she didn’t hesitant to put herself forward because she wanted to stop others suffering like her mother did. This campaign, which we supported with your help, provided every home in the area with mosquito nets. “I have seen many positive changes through my work as a volunteer. Before this campaign in our community there was a lot of malaria sickness but now, although it has not completely gone away, it is so much better as more and more people sleep under the nets.”

Shortly after starting as a malaria volunteer, Rashida found out she was pregnant. She makes sure protects herself as she knows malaria affects pregnant women more than others including taking medication to help prevent her and her baby suffering from malaria during pregnancy. Rashida, like all expectant mum’s, hopes her baby will be healthy and happy. “I will make sure my baby sleeps protected under a mosquito net too.”