Steve Frith

Mossie Net Photography

As an experienced club runner and keen photographer, I thought why not combine the two? The result – my Miles for Malaria challenge involves travelling miles from race to race to photograph those taking part. Once I’ve posted the photos, runners can download them and I ask for a donation to Malaria No More UK in return. But these are not just ordinary photos of runners as they cross the finishing line. I like to get stuck in, for example sitting in a “grough” with the wind whistling, rain falling just waiting for the arrival of the first runner in an attempt to capture the feeling of what is it like to be out on the fells in foul weather but doing what you love.

Steve Frith Mossie Net Photography Malaria No More UK

"It will change your life in some way"

I’ve been fortunate during my travels in Africa as a photographer that I haven’t been affected by malaria myself. But I have met people who have suffered from this disease and I am aware of how devastating malaria is. I have met so many people through my Miles for Malaria challenge who have been hugely supportive in their comments about my efforts and passionate about the cause. I’m humbled by the support they’ve shown. And it has changed my life. 

Within the circle of people I now come into contact with I’ve seen how much awareness of malaria and Malaria No More UK’s work has increased as a result of this challenge. What has also been rewarding is the growing recognition of what an amazing contribution to saving lives a simple piece of equipment such as a mosquito net can make. £5 can mean two people can sleep safely at night. Now that’s powerful stuff! It’s fantastic to know that my fundraising will make a difference and save children’s lives in Africa but it has also been so much fun doing it. I’ve made many friends along the way and smiled a lot.