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Roundtable in Zambia to discuss community engagement to fight malaria

Roundtable in Zambia to discuss community engagement to fight malaria

Malaria elimination is within our reach: we have the knowledge, the tools and the opportunity. But community engagement is at the heart of the fight and without it, global efforts to end the disease won’t succeed. This is precisely the theme of the roundtable that is taking place in Zambia on the 28 February and 1 March, organised by Isdell:Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative, who supports programmes to eliminate malaria in some of the most hard-to-reach communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

The roundtable will welcome key players in the global malaria fight including: the Minister of Health of Zambia, faith leaders, community field officers from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia - including a Zambian community Chief, and NGO representatives like Malaria No More UK CEO James Whiting, who reinforced the importance of community health workers to end malaria: "I’ve been inspired by the last day at the Isdell:Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative Round Table to think about community health workers and the environment around them... it feels to me like if that isn’t front and center at the Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, then I will be very disappointed."

We can only create big change by working in partnership.

James Whiting, Malaria No More UK CEO

Despite increasing progress eliminating malaria, there are still some gaps that need addressing such as mosquito insecticide resistance and a lack of community knowledge on prevention and treatment of the disease in more remote communities. The aim of the meeting is to discuss ways to mobilise community members from high burden areas to be a part of the solution to end malaria for good.