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Steve Frith - November fundraising champion of the month

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Steve Frith - November fundraising champion of the month

November’s Fundraising Champion of the Month is none other than Steve Frith of Mossie Net Photography.

Back in 2013, photographer and running enthusiast Steve Frith decided that rather than take the traditional route in his Miles for Malaria challenge by taking part in a sponsored run, he was going to put his exceptional skills to use. He began travelling around the country to different running events and taking photos of the runners, uploading the pictures onto his website and allowing the runners to download their photos if they gave a donation to Malaria No More UK.

Fast forward 4 years later and Steve has raised an unbelievable £11,340! This shows the undeniable commitment, compassion and hard work that has allowed him to accumulate 1,352 separate supporters throughout his fundraising. This shows how Steve has not only raised an impressive amount, but has also spread awareness of our great work and encouraged people to give to Malaria No More UK who had not heard of the charity before.

Steve has travelled extensively and during his time in Africa he has met people who have been greatly affected by malaria and witnessed how devastating it can be. Malaria is entirely treatable and preventable, and yet over 400,000 still die from the disease each year and it is the cause of over half of school absenteeism throughout.

The contribution that Steve and supporters like him have made allows us to continue to make incredible progress towards the end of malaria. For instance, in the last 15 years we have seen a fall in the number of deaths by 60%. But there is still much work to do as a child still dies every two minutes from malaria, and we will take inspiration from Steve’s dedication and continue the fight to end it.

After 4 years of amazing support Steve has called an end to Mossie Net Photography. We would like to thank Steve for the tireless effort, the weather braved, the ditches laid in to get the perfect shot, and of course the thousands raised to help children with malaria. Of his fundraising Steve has said: “It’s fantastic to know that my fundraising will make a difference and save children’s lives in Africa but it has also been so much fun doing it. I’ve made many friends along the way and smiled a lot.”

You can find out more about Steve’s fundraising, his photography and donate at his JustGiving page:

Steve Frith
Steve Frith snapping for Malaria No More UK