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UK Government steps up the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria

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The UK pledge to the Global Fund is announced today

Today the UK government made its pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria which will help save two million lives over three years.

This game-changing investment demonstrates the UK’ s strong leadership and commitment to tackling the most urgent global health challenges of our generation. The UK can be proud that it is doing its part to stop a child dying every two minutes of malaria. This pledge will help the Global Fund distribute 90 million mosquito nets, bolster health systems and transform economies.

It brings us one step closer to achieving the hugely ambitious goal set at last year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting - to halve malaria in the Commonwealth by 2023 - which will prevent 350 million cases of the disease in the next five years and save 650,000 lives.

It is vital that other global leaders also step up and commit the investment needed to ensure the Global Fund can continue its lifesaving work.

You can help us put pressure on leaders by saying 'Malaria Must Die' on our voice petition.