The Opportunity

for a malaria free world.

We know malaria is a disease we can beat. For decades it’s been wiped out from many parts of the world, including North America and Europe. We have the tools and some game-changing developments on the horizon, plus dedication to continued scientific research, needed to make this killer a thing of the past, everywhere.

By working to increase funding to speed up the delivery of tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment and radically expand the number of people we can reach, we have the very real and historic opportunity of becoming the generation to make malaria no more. An amazing legacy for every generation to come.

The story so far

We’ve seen malaria deaths more than halved since 2000, saving over 6.2 million lives! This progress is due to greater than ever commitment to the fight against malaria globally – we can’t stop now.

Gariseb Family Under Mosquito Net Malaria No More UK