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World Malaria Day 2019

World Malaria Day 2019

Happy World Malaria Day! On 25 April each year, the international malaria community celebrates global efforts to control malaria, and recognises the progress made.

Since 2000, we have achieved historic gains against malaria, saving millions of lives. But this killer disease still threatens half of the world population, taking a child’s life every 2 minutes. World Malaria Day also presents an occasion to raise awareness of the incredible opportunity we have to eliminate humankind’s oldest enemy.

This year, Rollback Malaria (RBM) Partnership hosts World Malaria Day celebrations in Paris to shine a light on the 313 million people at risk of malaria in Francophone countries, with the theme #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe, to call on everyone to get involved and make their contribution towards the malaria fight. The aim of this grassroots campaign is to keep malaria on the political agenda, mobilise additional resources, and empower communities to take ownership of their malaria fight.

Malaria remains both a major cause and a consequence of global poverty: its burden is greatest among the poorest and the most vulnerable members of society. With renewed focus and commitment, we can be the generation to end one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases.