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Little boy smiling as lifts a mosquito net above his head like a parachute

The end of Malaria starts now

Every two minutes a child dies of malaria.

Enough is enough.

With your help we can be the generation that ends the oldest and deadliest disease in human history.

We can't end Malaria without you

Bill Gates talking from a lectern at the Malaria Summit London

Malaria Summit London 2018

On 18 April, the Malaria Summit London saw 14 Heads of State and Government, Bill Gates, scientists and private sector and international organisations unite to commit to beat malaria.

Collectively, £2.9 billion was pledged to fight humankind's oldest and deadliest disease!

The Malaria journey so far

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Malaria deaths have fallen by 60% since 2000. That's 7 million lives saved.

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But progress has stalled and a child dies every 2 minutes. We must act now.

2 minutes
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We know how to end it. With your help we can save the 3.2 billion at risk.

3.2 billion

Who we work with

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