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A decade fighting malaria

David Beckham and Andy Murray at Wimbledon

Fighting malaria since 2009

We first launched Malaria No More UK in 2009, rallying the support of ambassadors like our Leadership Council Members David Beckham and Andy Murray. Our mission from the start has been to make malaria no more.

Leaders at the Malaria Summit 2018

The Commonwealth commitment

In 2018 at the Malaria Summit in London, 53 heads of state made an unprecedented commitment to halve malaria in the Commonwealth by 2023. This was a historic moment in the fight against malaria that we helped make possible with your support. 

David Beckham fronting Malaria Must Die campaign

The Malaria Must Die campaign

We worked with organisations and champions from across the globe to launch the award-winning Malaria Must Die campaign. The campaign was fronted by David Beckham and reached one billion people ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in 2018, calling for bold action to lead to a malaria-free world. 

UKaid in action to fight malaria

The UK commitment

Since 2009 we’ve been working with Government and members of parliament from across the political spectrum to help bolster the UK’s role as the world’s second biggest donor in the fight against malaria. UK investment and innovation has been instrumental in helping to save 7 million lives since 2000.

Partners meeting

Building a network

Over the years we have grown a brilliant network of dedicated corporate and creative partners who offer their talent and support to the fight to end malaria.

Contestants on I

I'm A Celebrity!

Our 2009 partnership with ITV's 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' helped to put malaria in the public spotlight and raise funds and awareness for the malaria campaign. 

Bill Gates at the Ross Fund launch

The Ross Fund

We profile the science and innovation needed to help end malaria for good. In 2015 the UK established the Ross Fund which is supporting research and development into new and innovative ways to fight malaria and other infectious diseases.

The Global Fund

Over the last 10 years, Malaria No More UK along with partners has advocated for the UK to remain a leading contributor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Every three years leaders make new commitments to the fund, which is responsible for 60% of international financing for malaria. In 2019 leaders came together and ensured the Global Fund's sixth replenishment reached its goal.

A smiling child with a mosquito net

Deaths have fallen

The World Health Organisation's annual Malaria Report data shows that in the last decade, malaria deaths have fallen by an amazing 48 percent. The brilliant progress made over these years shows that as long as we stay committed, we can end malaria.

Our supporters running for Malaria No More UK

Our supporters

We're grateful for you, our supporters, donors and partners. All the work we do, from influencing decision-makers in the UK to raising awareness around the world, is dependent on your support. We look forward to the next 10 years with you.