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Life changing week for the malaria community

Life changing week for the malaria community

What an incredible week it has been since the Malaria Summit London 2018! Theresa May announced that all 53 Commonwealth Heads of State agreed a collective commitment to halve malaria across the Commonwealth by 2023. It is imperative that the Commonwealth leaders take action because 90% of Commonwealth citizens live in malaria-affected countries.

Malaria Summit London

This commitment to halve malaria by 2023 will save 650,000 lives and prevent 350 million cases over the next 5 years. As well as the commitments from Commonwealth leaders, we saw various commitments from global health leaders and businesses. We are very pleased to announce that from Heads of State commitments, businesses and the £700 million funding from the Gates Foundation, £2.9 billion has been committed towards the fight against malaria.

We are very excited to see the impact this will have for millions of people’s lives across the Commonwealth, with these commitments we are taking a huge step on our way towards making malaria no more. Please join us as well call for the Commonwealth Heads of State to stick to their commitments.