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Radio 4 Appeal

A life-saving vaccine

In Ghana and many other African countries, it’s children and pregnant women who are most at risk. But incredible progress has been made in the past decade thanks to better bed nets, drugs and improved health services. Best of all is the news that the world’s first malaria vaccine - currently being piloted in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya - is already saving lives.

Eight-month-old baby girl Rejoice is just one of hundreds of thousands of children benefiting from the vaccine. Her mother Augustine was eager for her youngest daughter to be vaccinated because her son has been suffering from malaria for four years and often has to miss school. “I think that every child in Ghana should be offered the vaccine,” says Augustine. “No child should ever die from malaria.”

We know that when pandemics hit malaria-affected countries, deaths can rise even higher so it’s crucial that the progress made to date isn’t lost during the current coronavirus crisis. Please do consider donating to Jo’s appeal which will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 26 April at 7.54am and 9.25pm, and again on Thursday 30 April at 3.27pm.

For the first £15,000 raised, our long-term supporter Fever-Tree will give £2 for every £1 donated, meaning that the value of your gift can be tripled. Do tune in to hear Jo’s story.